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Company introduction  
Hangzhou Longyuan Brand Color Printing Co., Ltd. is an well known enterprise based in Hangzhou, the most beautiful city of China, and which specializes in research, production and supply of  a comprehensive range of specialized brand name plates
and color-printed  packaging materials. Our main products include membrane switches and membrane keypads which are widely used as decoration panel at home
appliance, instrument & appearance, kinds of drop-plastic (crystal) brand name, aluminum brand name, adhesive labels and other series of
identification items.
Long Yuan is  an  ISO 9001 certified company; and also have won the certification of  UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Safety standards. Our workshop is well equiped with latest and automatic  equipments we use the most updated technology available in our industry. We have a great team of engineers and tecnical professionals whose work is to make sure that our products meet the customer demand with a 100 per cent satisfaction. Long Yuan is a well acclaimed brand in China and is also trusted by many foreign customers. We have achieved a lot of success and brand value in a very short time.
We will appreciate your sincere enquiries and further comunication. Lon Yuan people will contact you at the earliest. We look forward to start a great cooperation and establish a business relationship.



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